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im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Trzciance

A Trip to the Meteorite Morasko Reserve

On Monday, 16th November 2015. students ok classes Ib technical and IIa technical along with teachers, Mrs H. Kolonista-Kujawska, K. Bukowski, S. Malicki and D. Wiśniewska, went on an educational trip Morasko Reserve. The purpose of the trip was getting to know the landscape and the glacial lakes that were created after the fall of the meteorite approx. 5 thousand. years ago. Reserve is a great sightseeing attraction, on the northern slope of Mount Moraska is in fact a place where before approx. 5 thousand years ago there was a meteorite rain.

To this day, seven craters are preserved (the most impressive has a 100 m diameter and 13 m depth); six of them took the form of small septic mesh filled with water. In 1914. There was found a large lump of the meteorite weighing 77.5 kg. In Europe, there are known only two places where there are craters of similar age and where fallen meteorites have the same chemical composition.

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Around 11:30 we arrived at the Old Market Square, and when the clock struck 12:00 pm we had the opportunity to see two goats, which are a special attraction in Poznan.

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Tour participants also took part in a multimedia historical exhibition "Model of Old Poznań." In 27 minutes of the show the students could learn about the history of the city. Our guide talked about former Poznań, the lives its citizens led and about how the city has changed over the centuries. Light, sound and special effects (fire, lightning, etc.) created an unforgettable spectacle education. This is the first such detailed scale model of the city of Poland accepted by historians!

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Given the mood of the students during the return (singing :-) coach), the trip is to be counted as very successful!

ed. D. Wiśniewska

tr. S. Malicki