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im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Trzciance


Environment of our county is not indifferent to us, hence the initiative for the environment - 1st District Environmental Conference, which was held on October 21st 2015 in H. Sienkiewicz Secondary Schools in Trzcianka. The recipients were teachers, local government officials, and village leaders in our county.

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The theme was LOW EMISSIONS. "Low emission" is air pollution, do we know where they come from, or threaten us, how to reduce them? - To these and other questions answered Dr. Paweł Michał Owsianny - deputy director of the long-distance Educational Centre of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Pila, academic teacher and a friend of the school.
  Mrs. Genowefa Klaczko- Head of the Department of Environmental Protection, Agriculture and Forestry SP Czarnków told all the news about the antismog Act and new mechanisms for the protection of air pollution. 

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State District Sanitary Inspector, Mrs. Beata Kościelska of the District Sanitary-Epidemiological Station of Czarnków told about chemical hazards in food. The state of our forest land and the impact of air pollution was very expertly described by Mr. Emil Lehwark, Specialist Forestry Services - Forestry Commission representative in Trzcianka.The initiative was created in cooperation with the Czarnkowsko-Trzcianecki County District  and H. Sienkiewicz Secondary Schools in Trzcianka.

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