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PROM 2015


     13th Feb. 2015 was a special day for students of Hospitality Industry Technical, and Nutrition And Gastronomic Services Technical, i.e. Class 4 of technical school!

With a distinguished dance - polonaise! - they entered the last months of their school education, as well as, winter holidays, the Valentine's Day, and the last day of carnival.

     Preparations for this event (unique in the life of every secondary school student!) began in September, and gained momentum in December, when the stidents with the teachers of physical education, Mrs Marzena Bielska-Michlewicz and Mr Dariusz Wołk, perfected the traditional polonaize dance routine not only during their classes, but also in the afternoons.

     On 12th Feb., this year's secondary school graduates spend 5 hours transforming the school gym into a ballroom - decorated with white and green balloons. The effect was amazing - the audience were impressed by the two-coloured-balloon garlands attached to walls and the balcony. There was a large green shamrock pinned to a board, with the sign 'PROM 2015' (made by Adrian Guz and Mrs Dorota Pałasz).

    "Because something in the follies of youth..." - with these words by Leopold Staff, the students presenting the event - Aleksandra Witczak, Paulina Łaszkiewicz, Krystian Lehwark - welcomed the audience: the Headmistress, teachers and other school employees, their ball partners, and their family and friends.

     The presenters asked the Headmistress, Mrs Wioletta Folwarczna-Nowak, to open the ceremony. Then, the students filled the room with their elegant dance. After that, they asked their class teacher, Mrs Małgorzata Szadkowska, to pin four-leaved clovers on their garment, as a symbol for luck-wishing for the upcoming examinations.

    At the end, the students had their photos taken with teachers, family and friends. Afterwards, they went to the prom to have lots of fun and dance till dawn.

ed. M. Szadkowska

tr. S. Malicki