Technical Schools

Technical is a four-year school, and at ours there are several specialisations:


Nutrition and gastronomic services technician


Profession description:

Nutrition and gastronomic services technician is a new profession, which developed from combining three different ones: ‘cook’, ‘nutrition and food services’ and ‘gastronomic services’. This specialisation perfectly prepares students to work in catering. Graduates will have gained knowledge and skills not only for preparing and evaluating food and drinks, but also planning and organising production and gastronomic  services. Through apprenticeship, that takes place at various catering establishments (also abroad), the students improve the skills they acquired during lessons in school’s workshop rooms.

Employment prospects:

After graduating from school one can work at restaurants, canteens, cafés, as pub manager, cook, barman, commissary. Nutrition and gastronomic services graduate can provide catering services. If technical graduates want to widen their knowledge they have the opportunity to continue learning in post-secondary schools or at university.


Hospitality industry technician

Profession description:

The main tasks performed by hospitality industry technician are all activities related to professional and comprehensive guest service (reception, room service, catering, hotel services).

Employment prospects:

Graduates will have no problems with finding a job. Each year are made new hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes, which offers get to wider group of customers, and hence there is a need to employ highly qualified staff. Hotel guests enjoy services that are professional and solid, with a great atmosphere created by the staff. Such competence will be certainly gained by the students of hospitality industry school, and will help them find an attractive dream job. Graduates receive a diploma complement in English, that describes professional competence.

Duration of study is 4 years, it ends with matura exam and vocational exam, that validates professional qualifications as hospitality industry technician. Graduates can find employment in: hotels, guesthouses, SPA resorts, hotel restaurants, restaurants, catering companies, or can run their own business.

Inevitable part in education of hospitality industry technician is professional apprenticeship organised by the school in the country and abroad.


Environmental protection technician


Are you interested in environmental issues? Do you care about nature and want to professionally deal with the protection of the environment? – this specialisation is for you!

Profession description:

Environmental technicians performs measurements of pollution of water, air, soil, both in the professional laboratory at school and in the field work. They acquire skills of preparing the spatial development of a parish and town, including environmental resources and ways to use and disposal of waste and sewage.

Employment prospects:

After graduating from school and passing vocational exams the student receives title of environmental protection technician, and acquires profession needed in many modern manufacturing companies, e.g. research and environmental protection centres, urban water supply and sewage companies, water treatment plants, sewage works, waste treatment works, research-development centres, environmental quality control institutions, European Union agencies, studios design offices, private specialised enterprises, Meteorological and Hydrological Stations, botanical and zoological gardens, environmental protection departments, and many others.

Graduates can continue learning on environmental protection studies, environmental engineering, etc. The school guarantees to the students a month-long apprenticeship at e.g. sanitary-epidemiological station, meteorological and hydrological stations, sewage works, City Hall, water pipes and sewage urban enterprises, forest inspectorate, research and environmental control centres, chemical laboratories and industrial institutions.

Moreover, by learning at Environmental Protection Technical School one has opportunity to take part in ecological actions and projects like storks ringing, trimming of willows and other plants.


Trade technician


Profession description:

Learning in the profession of a trader aims to prepare graduates for the efficient and professional execution of professional tasks in a market economy. Trade technician is a typical service occupation. As a result of training students receive an adequate extent of general and professional knowledge, which provide a basis for work, as well as the ability to quickly re-train in a variety of situations.

Employment prospects:

Trade technician is a many-sided profession. Graduates can find occupation in trading company as experts in marketing, acquisition of goods, advertising, accounting, in sectors of logistics, as well as management staff for retail and wholesale establishments. They can also be employed in the institutions of trade control or manage their own sales company.

If you choose technical school in trade you will earn:

  • How to conduct trading negotiations,
  • Manage the sales department,
  • Account for retailers.


Economic technician


Economic technicians organise the work of office, calculate the indicators necessary to determine the economic and financial situation of the company, analyse the costs and revenues and determine proposals for improvement. They examine the role and position of a particular company on the market. They independently carry out or arrange the tasks in the following areas: supply, storage of materials and finished products, transport and, above all, the sale of goods and services. They also select and calculate indicators covering economic and financial condition of the company. The knowledge and skills they gain during their learning are needed in any type of business.


Advertisement organising technician


Advertisement organising technicians execute marketing analysis, they gather information on the subject required by ordering party, having in mind their expectations. They edit the information essential for executing advertising tasks, prepare conclusions from market research programmes. They procure clients to cooperate with the company. They participate in trade talks, present advertising services.

Graduates are able to work in:

Advertising agency, public relations, marketing and advertisement departments in manufacturing and trading enterprises, ad agencies and departments of the media promotion, scenario agencies, graphic studios, production studios, agencies for contacting with the press and public opinion-forming.