Zespół Szkół 
im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Trzciance

Technical Schools

Technical is a four-year school, and at ours there are several specialisations:


Nutrition and gastronomic services technician


Profession description:

Nutrition and gastronomic services technician is a new profession, which developed from combining three different ones: ‘cook’, ‘nutrition and food services’ and ‘gastronomic services’. This specialisation perfectly prepares students to work in catering. Graduates will have gained knowledge and skills not only for preparing and evaluating food and drinks, but also planning and organising production and gastronomic  services. Through apprenticeship, that takes place at various catering establishments (also abroad), the students improve the skills they acquired during lessons in school’s workshop rooms.

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The School’s History

The building, where the Upper-Secondary School Complex currently resides, was being built from 1913-1914 as a residence of an evangelic school. It was located on the corner of Station and Wessel Streets (at present they are called Sikorski and Staszic Streets). The construction was finished on 10th October 1915, with further prospect of building a gym required for artistic and entertaining purposes. The school had 16 classrooms, 5 science and handiwork rooms, shower rooms, toilets, and the caretaker’s flat. The building costs amounted 175 000 marks. 

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