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im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Trzciance

National Education Day 2015

On 14th October, at 9 am in the auditorium of our school, there was held a formal academy, which was attended by current and retired employees of school and students. After Banner Guard have entered, everyone sang the national anthem and the headmistress Wioletta Folwarczna-Nowak gave a speech.  Students of ZSP CULTURE (and friends ..!) presented the artistic part.

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Students recited beautiful poems of the twentieth century by W. Szymborska, E. Lipska, Cz. Milosz and Father. J. Twardowski. Interesting interpretation of poetic texts were presented by Ewelina Graś 4b t, Rafał Dubiak  3a tz, Zuzanna Stepniowska, Kornela Dudek, Kuba Waluk, Jan Roszczyniała, Patryk Wiśniewski 2 t, Sara Tryba, Patryk Żmudowski 1b tz.

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Patrycja Kamińska of 2 t was singing the song titled "There Are Moments" by IRA while a multimedia presentation was being displayed for teachers. Then students showed a short video wish best wishes for teachers.

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ed. M. Szadkowska

tr. S. Malicki