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im. Henryka Sienkiewicza w Trzciance


On 1st September we greeted a new school year. At 9:00, in the school gym, the inaugural ceremony was held, hosted by two students of class 2 technical - Zuzanna Stepniowska and Jakub Waluk.

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Headmistress, Mrs Wioletta Folwarczna-Nowak, with a smile welcomed all present students, their parents and teachers. Unfortunatelly, students from class 3 weren't at the ceremony, because naw they are being professionally trained in workplaces in Poland and abroad. On the other hand, we were able to welcome large groups of freshmen; this year two classes of technical scholl and two classes of basic vocational school were formed.

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Once again, we warmly welcome everyone, and weish you a lot of success, both personal and in your schoolwork! :-)