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Saying Goodbye to Our Alumni
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"On certificates, risen in joy, flew students..." wrote Julian Przyboś once and that was in our school on Friday, April 24 ... It was the last in the life of pupils in 4aTZ, school certificates, which included a report on the completion of the Technical School, thereby obtaining a secondary education !!!

They flew, with not only joy, but also in pride, with visible emotion on their faces and traces of tears ... The emotion accompanied them since the beginning of the ceremony, which took place in the auditorium. The event was started by the announcers - ALEXANDER WITCZAK and Adrian GUZ spoken phrase scenario -

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Mr Tadeusz Teterus, the Czarnkowsko-Trzcianecki District Governor, came to the ceremony, with his own tradition. He brought to graduates a basket of chocolate eggs, explaining, of course, the concept of these gifts and making them congratulations and wishes of successful start into real adulthood!

The head teacher, Mrs Wioletta Folwarczna-Nowak asked, in accordance with tradition, the students, who during four years of school have obtained a grade point average of at least 4.5 on their commemorative entries to the Golden Book. On the scene came in succession - AGNIESZKA WSZĘDYBYŁ, AGNIESZKA OSETEK, ALEXANDER WITCZAK, PAULINA STASZEWSKA, ROKSANA LEWCZUK, MAGDALENA NASTAGA, where the headmistress presented the awards, gave congratulatory letters to their parents, and good wishes to all graduates in the life of a professional, personal, on further levels of education . And then there was a real rain of awards and acknowledgments to students for their four-year social work, student council, radio broadcasting, for promoting school, participation in competitions, sports competitions, a first-aid competition in the trilateral Polish-German - Ukrainian exchange youth, in poetry readings and programs of Christian Culture Week ....... On behalf of third grade students, Karolina Kwapisz, gave a speach for the graduates.

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ed. M. Szadkowska